Jennifer Lawrence denies cheating with Liam Hemsworth after Miley Cyrus's 'Flowers' music video: A look at the drama

Here’s why everyone is talking about a decades-old cheating rumor with Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus. 

No hard feelings? Jennifer Lawrence would like to be excluded from Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s breakup narrative. The 32-year-old actress addressed speculation that she and Hemsworth had “a secret fling” at some point during The Hunger Games films, a rumor that was seemingly fueled by Cyrus’s music video for “Flowers.”

“Not true,” Lawrence said on Monday’s Watch What Happens Live before host Andy Cohen even finished the question. “It’s not true. Total rumor.”

But didn’t Lawrence herself admit to locking lips with Hemsworth? Has Cyrus said anything about it? And why do people think the 30-year-old singer shaded Lawrence in the first place? Catch up on all the gossip now.

Yes, Lawrence previously said she and Hemsworth kissed

“I mean, we all know that me and Liam, like, kissed one time,” Lawrence recalled on Monday’s episode, but maintained “it was years after” Hemsworth and Cyrus “broke up.”

The Oscar-winning actress was referencing a previous appearance on WWHL in which she admitted to making out with her co-star at some point. In 2015, Cohen asked Lawrence if she and Hemsworth “ever kissed when the cameras weren’t rolling.”

“Liam’s real hot,” Lawrence smiled at the time. “What would you have done?”

Let’s examine the timeline

Cyrus and Hemsworth met in 2009 filming the Nicholas Sparks movie The Last Song and they had a bit of an on-again, off-again relationship for a decade. The Australian actor popped the question in June 2012 when he was 22 and the Hannah Montana star was just 19. They called off their engagement in September 2013, just weeks after Cyrus’s infamous performance at the VMAs. They reconciled near the end of 2015 and wed three years later. But in August 2019, they divorced after nine months of marriage.

Lawrence and Hemsworth started shooting The Hunger Games in 2011 and wrapped all four films by 2015. It’s likely the kiss happened during a break — but fans think Cyrus was alluding to something shady happening in 2012.

Here’s what raised eyebrows in the “Flowers” music video

Cyrus wears a gold Saint Laurent dress in the video that social media users quickly compared to Lawrence’s Prabal Gurung gown from The Hunger Games L.A. premiere in 2012.

The two gold dresses in question on Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Lawrence. (Photo: Miley Cyrus via YouTube, Getty Images))
The two gold dresses in question on Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Lawrence. 

Cyrus told British Vogue, per PopSugar, that she and her stylist settled on the vintage 1991 YSL design dress because “it wasn’t saying too much, it spoke for itself, but it also allowed me to speak. It completely captured what the song is about.”

“Flowers,” the biggest song of the year, heavily references Cyrus and Hemsworth’s relationship and there are plenty of Easter eggs throughout the music video. But Lawrence said on Monday’s WWHL she believes the dress thing was “a coincidence.”

Jennifer Lawrence denies cheating with Liam Hemsworth after Miley Cyrus’s

During a rare interview, the singer dodged discussing just how specific the “Flowers” music video is about her marriage.

“I never need to be a master at the craft of tricking an audience,” she shrugged to British Vogue. “It will set itself on fire all by itself.”

However, Cyrus denied Endless Summer Vacation is all about her relationship with Hemsworth.

“I wouldn’t erase my story or want it to be erased,” she said of their breakup. “Having an interesting life makes for interesting storytelling.”

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